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Premium Cow’s Milk

Happy Nature Premium Cow’s Milk is the pioneer in Farm Fresh Cow’s Milk (100% pure, natural & healthy milk) served in glass bottles. The milk is produced in a state of the art, cruelty-free farm through a completely automated & touch-free process and is free from all forms of adulteration and harmful growth hormones.

Rs 72/litre

Desi Cow's Milk

India is a country where cows have been loved and revered for centuries. Happy Nature – Desi Cow’s Milk is produced from Indigenous Cows (Gir, Sahiwal & Rathi) which produce milk of the highest quality – no wonder this milk is equated to ‘Amrit’ for today’s generation.

Rs 92/litre

Fresh Cow's Paneer

Happy Nature Fresh Paneer is made from pure cow’s milk. It is soft & creamy with the goodness of cow’s milk. Hygienically produced, vacuum sealed & delivered fresh, the paneer is tasty & healthy!

Rs 85 / 200gm

Premium Cow's Ghee

Happy Nature Premium Cow’s Ghee is free from all forms of adulteration and is made from pure cow’s milk produced in a hygienic & safe environment. It is loaded with health benefits and dripping with culinary flavours.

Rs 500 / 500ml

Fresh Cow's Cheese

Happy Nature Fresh Cow Cheese is a blend of Mozzarella & Cheddar and is made from pure cow’s milk. With excellent melting ability, the cheese is great for making pizzas, grilled sandwiches & bakes. It is creamy & soft with a natural cheese flavour without the use of any artificial flavours.

Rs 125 / 200gm

Premium Cow's Curd

Happy Nature Premium Cow’s Curd is made from pure cow’s milk. It is creamy, smooth, delicious and is also a rich source of calcium. It is a great combination of taste and health!

Rs 75 / 500gm

Pure Cow Butter (Unsalted)

Happy Nature Pure Cow Butter (Unsalted) is made fresh without the addition of of any preservatives, flavours or salt. With the goodness of cow’s milk, the butter is pure, tasty and creamy!

Rs 165 / 250gm

Gourmet Butter

Happy Nature introduces the tastiest Gourmet Butter – Garlic & Fresh Herbs ! Spread it on your toast and enjoy the amazing aroma & flavour of garlic & fresh herbs ! Available in cute glass bottles!

Rs 150 /100 gm

Whole Wheat Bread

Happy Nature Whole-Wheat Artisan Breads are made fresh everyday by specialised chefs using the choicest ingredients. They are delivered from the oven to your table within 12 hours of baking, they have no added colour, preservatives or chemicals added and with the goodness of wheat, the bread is rich in fibre!

Rs 40 / 350gm

Multi Grain Bread

Happy Nature Multi-Grain Artisan Breads are made fresh everyday by specialised chefs using the choicest ingredients. They are delivered from the oven to your table within 12 hours of baking, they have no added colour, preservatives or chemicals added and with the goodness of Linseed, Sunflower Seeds, Oats, Soya Grits, Sesame, Dalia & Rye, the bread is tasty & healthy!

Rs 55 / 350gm

Premium Eggs

Happy Nature Premium Eggs are healthy, tasty & hygienically produced. The egg shells are UV sanitized and the eggs are sorted & graded based on weight. The birds are antibiotic-free & are provided an all natural feed. The resultant eggs are rich in protein & have a beautiful sunset orange yolk!

Rs 120 / 10pcs

Farm in box Micro Lettuce

Happy Nature Farm in Box is a unique concept of developing iron-rich Micro Lettuce grown in a Hydroponic System (water based, nutrient rich solution without the use of soil). It is delivered within 24 hours of harvesting and is grown with zero use of pesticides & nurtured with RO water.

Rs 90 / 100gm

Organic Honey

Happy Nature Organic Honey (Multi-Flora) is procured from the high mountains of the Garhwal Himalayan range of Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand. The honey being certified organic is free from all chemicals and is produced in the purest and most natural form!

Rs 275 / 325gm

Monofloral Honey

Happy Nature Monofloral Honey is made from the nectar of only one type of flower lending each variety of honey a distinctive flavour and colour with unique benefits. This happens because of differences between their principal nectar sources. Producing monofloral honey requires specialized beekeepers to keep beehives in areas where the bees have access to only one type of flower to ensure that the properties of that particular honey flavour are preserved!

Rs 200 / 325gm


Yogabhyas is a wellness Yoga program (Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Dhyana & Yogic concepts for healthy living) brought to you by Happy Nature in association with Personal Point (the pioneers in wellness services since 1992).
Our Yoga instructor is Shvetika Kaul who is the Director of Personal Point, a Certified Yoga Teacher (UGC NET, QCI qualified, DYSc, PGDYT, MA- Yoga, EPGDIB) & a Women Economic Forum Speaker.
Yogabhyas is conducted through online Zoom sessions thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) from 8 am to 9 am

Rs 84 / Session

Tender Coconut

Happy Nature introduces Fresh Tender Coconuts delivered directly to your doorstep ! Sourced directly from the banks of River Kaveri in Karnataka, the coconuts are trimmed & hygienically packed. The coconut water is an excellent source of immunity, it is weight loss friendly and is also extremely tasty!

Rs 60 / Coconut

Immune Tea

Happy Nature Immune Tea is a blend of Green Tea with 11 herbs (Amla, Tulsi, Giloy, Ginger, Fennel, Turmeric, Ashwagandha and more!). Experience the health benefits of green tea and all the immunity boosting properties of the herbs to keep you fit, healthy and high on immunity!

Rs 260 / 20 Tea Bags

Assorted Cookies

Happy Nature brings to you Freshly Baked Assorted Cookies (Whole Wheat Choco Chip and Oats & Raisins). Made in pure butter with the goodness of whole wheat & oats, the cookies are healthy, crumbly and delicious!

Rs 190 / 200 gm

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